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Farleaze Construction Ltd is successfully managed by a unique team.

Combining 68 years of on-site experience, we have taken countless jobs from concept to reality.

Our Company aim is to produce a product that matches both budget and vision.

Effective communication is also one of our top priorities; we have always understood the importance of listening to our customers, and insuring they understand and are happy with all aspects of the project. Constantly updating this status throughout the build, up until we hand the keys back.

We continually strive to deliver projects on time and on budget and where possible exceeding our customers’ needs, aspiration, and expectations.

We work to our own very high standards, as many of our previous clients will tell you.

We have undertaken a wide range of works locally. Which include reviving bathrooms, enlarging kitchens, converting loft spaces to efficiently increase floor area, and also new houses. If its property related we can achieve it.

New buildings will always be built, how well they are built is dependant on quality of the trades involved.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming projects

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